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Knee Pain Information Guide, Knee Pain Treatments

Knee Pain can be caused by a multitude of different problems, such as:

1. Knee injury during sports, work, general activities, exercise done incorrectly or over-exercise.

2. Degenerative diseases, and medical problems and conditions often associated with aging, though these can be experienced earlier in life, as well.

3. An awkward movement, such as twisting or moving in the wrong direction without proper skeletal alignment can cause knee pain.

  1. 4. Repetitive knee joint overuse, such as can be experienced in doing the same activity or activities over and over again for an extended period of time.

  2. 5. Being overweight can put undo stress on the knee joints and their natural cushioning, to cause knee pain.

  3. 6. Inactivity and just not using or moving the knee joints enough to keep them limber and working freely.

  4. 7. Genetic knee problems inherited from past generations within the family.


Strength Exercise, Knee Pain Treatment

Knee Pain Treatments

    Knee pain treatments can often include:

    1. Home remedies and knee pain treatments, such as knee braces, in-home therapy, topical treatments and ointments, heat or cold, properly designed knee exercises and proper vitamin intake.

      2. Using a walker or a cane.

      3. Resting a knee injury can include non-use for a period of time or elevating the injured leg, for knee pain treatments.

      4. Avoiding those activities usually associated with knee injury or overuse, such as climbing stairs or hills, riding a bicycle or exercise bike, repetitive knee movements of any sort, positions which cause knee pain, remaining dormant (not moving) too long, running, etc.

      5. Weight loss, through proper diet and exercise.

      6. Medications, prescription and non-prescription.

      7. Various surgical knee procedures.

      8. Physical therapy, an often successful part of knee pain treatments.

      9. Knee injection.

      10. Supportive shoes and shoe inserts, are cheap, easy and often effective, and sometimes forgotten part of knee pain treatments.


      Strength Exercise, Knee Pain, Knee Injury


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